The Essential Pizza Equipment Checklist ✔

With pizza’s sky-high popularity (and profits!), it’s no wonder so many are looking to start up their own pizza business. The pizza operations that go on to be great successes, however, are the ones powered by quality items of pizza equipment that meet the individual needs of the site. To give you a helping hand, we’ve put our heads together to compile a handy checklist of the items you may need to make your pizza ambition a reality!


☐ Pizza Oven

The pizza oven is the heart of your operation-if the oven fails, everything else comes to a grinding halt. It’s therefore vital that you choose the best one for your pizza operation’s unique needs. The best way to ensure you’ve found the oven that ticks all your boxes is to trial it for yourself prior to purchase. You can trial any of our range of electric, gas and wood fired ovens in our demo kitchen on the outskirts of Manchester.

Your choice of oven rests on a number of factors- are you looking for a showpiece oven to wow the crowds in an open kitchen? If it’s a piece of theatre you’re after, you should consider looking into living flame ovens. These ovens require more skill to operate and maintain but they are sure to add a whole new level of excitement to the dining experience in your establishment.

If your operation will be run by a workforce high in gusto but lower in skills, a Cuppone electric oven is much simpler to operate and produces a finished result indistinguishable from one cooked by flames. Cuppone are the masters of pizza oven manufacturing and offer a range of electric ovens in a variety of shapes and sizes so you’re sure to find the right fit for your operation.

☐ Dough Mixer

Mixing flour, water, yeast, oil and salt into thick, dense dough is a task that could get a little strenuous for human hands; we advise delegating this task to a dough mixer. If you are expecting to handle a high demand in your pizza operation, you’ll need a mixer with moxy, such as our heavy-duty Cuppone Silea Mixer. If you’re balling on a budget, our LLK Economy Dough Mixer also packs a punch and but is more suitable for smaller scale pizza operations.


☐ Pizza Accessories

A pizzaiolo is only as good as his tools so it’s best to ensure your staff are decked out with quality kit. Pizza accessories include dough trays for optimum pizza proofing, dough scrapers for quick cutting, dough dockers for a bubbly finished product, pizza peels for safe transportation from bench to oven and pizza cutters for precise slices. Checkout our range of pizza accessories suitable for every budget here.


☐ Dough Divider and Rounder

These machines are designed to save pressured pizzaiolos precious time and energy during the dough making process. Our Cubo Dough Divider and Rounder are totally automatic and prepare perfectly consistent portions of bubbly dough, saving your staff hours of manual labour. They can be supplied as a dough prep dream team i.e. both machines combined into one or as standalone machines.


☐ Heated Presses and Dough Rollers

Hand stretching takes some serious skill and not everyone is able to put in the practice required to achieve pizza base perfection. Fortunately, equipment like Heated Presses and Dough Rollers are able to take on this task with ease, producing perfectly consistent bases for pizzas in a matter of seconds. If you plan on running a high demand operation with lower skilled staff prepping the pizzas, a Press or Roller are the catering equipment co-workers that will never call in sick. Plus, they pay for themselves in no time in the money that would have been spent on a skilled hand stretching pizzaiolo.


Although this checklist is a handy guide to help get you started on your pizza journey, we strongly recommend you come and speak to a professional before making any equipment investments and always try out the equipment before you buy. Speak to a member of our knowledgeable team about booking in to trial any of our equipment in our onsite demo kitchen at 0161 633 5797 or email



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