Reinventing Your Catering Operation Into A Takeaway

The coronavirus pandemic has abruptly brought the hospitality and catering industry face to face with its biggest challenge yet.Many catering operations that enjoyed plenty of business and success prior to the lockdown are now left unable to function as they did before under social distancing regulations.

However, the quick, agile response of many businesses to this challenge is truly a testament to the resilient spirit of our sector. A number of catering establishments are showing the world how adaptability is done by converting into home delivery and takeaway operations, safely complying with the rules whilst maintaining their cash flow.

Reinventing your operations and menu is a daunting task at the best of times. Luckily, one of the nation’s favourite and most easily transported foods just so happens to be easily produced when the caterer is assisted with the right equipment and tools.

Yep, you guessed correctly, pizza. Cheap to produce, quick to make, easy to transport and delicious to eat with sky high profit margins. Check, check, check, check aaaand check!

You may be chomping at the bit to kick start the process of pivoting your business into a pizza takeaway/ home delivery operation, but your quick response is being hindered by a lack of experience working with this kind of food. Fortunately, pizza equipment manufacturers, such as Cuppone and Lilly, have spent decades designing, creating and refining tools to help caterers make incredible pizzas as easily as possible.

We’ve compiled a checklist of the essential items of pizza equipment that can transform any catering business with any level of experience into a well-oiled pizza producing machine.

• The Cuppone Tiziano Oven (the heart of the operation)

The Tiziano is popular with takeaway establishments all over the globe and it’s no wonder why; its features accommodate the requirements of takeaways perfectly. It is available in a range of sizes, from Slimline, which fits comfortably on a counter top in small footprint kitchens, to triple deck for once business begins booming again. This oven is built with a simple control system which staff of any skill level will be able to operate with ease after watching our straightforward How-To video. You can learn more about this small but mighty oven here.

• The Cuppone Heated Press (the automatic pizzaiolo)

The Heated Press has been created to remove the skillful task of hand stretching dough from the pizza prepping process by pressing dough balls into perfectly consistent bases with just the push of a handle. This equipment isn’t just an invaluable asset to a pizza takeaway, it can be utilised to prep chapatis, naan breads, flatbreads and more easily and efficiently. If any member of your workforce unfortunately can’t make it into work because they’ve been forced to self-quarantine, the Press will be ready to pick up their workload and keep your operation moving. Click here to learn all about the time, energy and money saving features of this machine.

• Dough Mixer (the muscle powered mixer)

Only a dough mixer has the horsepower required to swirl dense pizza dough into submission. Your planetary mixer simply doesn’t have the muscle for the job and the motor will inevitably burn out, a stress your business does not need to be dealing with right now! We have dough mixers to match every budget, from our Economy Dough Mixer to our heavy duty Cuppone Silea Dough Mixer. Read more about them here.

• Pizza Accessories (the best tools for the job)

Every caterer knows that being equipped with the right tools can halve the difficulty of even the most laborious task. A robust and precise set of pizza accessories will boost the skills of a fresh pizzaiolo and help them easily prep pizzas they can be proud of. We are a one stop shop for pizza accessories and have everything you will require, from dough trays to pizza peels and everything in between. You can browse our range here.


Until the catering industry can once again return to the familiar days of face to face service with a smile, we must make the very best with what we’ve got and use the ingenuity that defines our sector to power through to the other side of this crisis.

If you have any queries about any of the items of equipment discussed in this blog or about the steps you need to take to kick start your new pizza delivery/ takeaway business,call our helpful team on 0161 633 5797 or email



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